• 2023

    Visible-Light-Assisted Donor–Acceptor-Stenhouse-Adduct-Based Reversible Photoswitching on a Laser-Structurable OrmoComp Substrate

    Zeußel L, Schober A, Ullmann F, Krischok S, Heinrich D, Singh S
    In: ACS Appl. Polymer. Mater., 2023, 5, 8631-8640;
  • 2023

    Insights into the writing process of the mask-free nanoimprinting fluid force microscopy technology

    Soter M, Gurunath A, Madkatte D, Nguyen TH
    In: Engineering for a Changing World : Proceedings; 60th ISC, Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium, Technische Universität Ilmenau DOI: 10.22032/dbt.58725
  • 2023

    Modulating SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Reactivity through Moderate Electric Fields: A Pathway to Innovative Therapies

    Nguyen T-H, Wang H, Chen L-Y, Echtermeyer D, Pliquett U
    In: ACS Omega
  • 2023

    Algorithms for reconstruction of impedance spectra from not-equidistanly sampled step response

    Zaikou Y, Gansauge C, Echtermeyer D, Pliquett U
    In: Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance
  • 2023

    Carbonyl compounds and inorganic Bronsted acids as catalysts for electropolymerization of conductive polymers

    Franziska Oberhaus
    In: Electrochimica Acta Volume 449, 1 May 2023, 142237
  • 2023

    New water-soluble photo-initiators for two-photon polymerization based on benzylidene cyclopentanones

    Wloka T, Czich S, Chalupa-Gantnerd F, Sitti M, Dirauf M, Weber C, Gottschaldt M, Liefeith K, Ovsianikov A, Dietzek-Ivansicf B, Schubert U
    In: Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry
  • 2023

    Mechanics of leukemic T Cell

    Bui VC, Nguyen TH
    In: Journal of Molecular Recognition doi:10.1002/jmr.3019
  • 2023

    Linearly modulated multi-focal diffractive lens for multi-sheet excitation fo flow driven samples in a light-sheet flurescence microscope

    Hofmann M, Ghebjagh S G, Fan C, Lemke K, Sinzinger S
    In: J. Eur. Opt. Society-Rapid Publ. 20023, 19, 26 Special Issue - EOSAM 2022
  • 2023

    Towards the electrical impedance tomography for detection and classification of tumours in human brain

    Zaikou Y, Echtermeyer D, Nazarenus A, Abboud T
    In: Tagungsband Electrical Impedance Tomography, 11.-15.06.2023, Aachen
  • 2023

    Deformability and collision-induced reorientation enhance cell topotaxis in dense microenvironments

    Wondergem J, Schaakenrad K, Heinrich D, Merks R, van Steijn L
    In: Biophys J, Vol 122, ISSUE 13, P2791-2807, 2023-07-11, DOI: