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Mr. Gurunath Apte, PhD student
Start: 02.09.2019
He got his Master's degree from Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg & Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in June 2019. His master thesis focused on “Dip Coating process to create polymeric films for skin tissue regeneration”. 
His PhD study at IBA: ‘Monitoring of platelet-surface activation by nanopatterning’.

Tel. +49 (0)3606 671 600

Ms. Nida Khan, PhD student
Start: 01.10.2019
She got her Master’s degree at Gautam Buddha University, India in August 2019. Her master thesis focuses on “Cloning of Secreted modular calcium-binding protein 1 promoter”. 
Her PhD thesis at IBA: ‘Development of a biosensor for the detection of pathogenic HIT antibodies’.

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Mr. Li-Yu Chen, PhD student
Start: 01.11.2019
He got his Master's degree at University Jena, Germany in March 2019. His master thesis focused on the immunological reaction between staphylococcal protein PurA and human dectin-1 and dectin-2 receptors. 
His PhD study at IBA: ‘Characterization of new materials for improvement of ELISA in detection of HIT antibodies’.

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Mrs. Annerose Lindenbauer, Technician
Start: 01.07.2019
Tel. +49 (0)3606 671 830