• 2009

    Mikro- und nanostrukturierte ECM-analoge Biointerfaces.

    K. Liefeith, T. Weiß, S. Fiedler, S. Grohmann
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  • 2009

    Production of scaffolds for tissue engineering applying two-photon polymerisation.

    S. Fiedler, R. Schade, G. Hildebrand, K. Liefeith, M. Schnabelrauch,<br>A. Berg, R. Wyrwa
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  • 2009

    Interaction of cells with organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings for titanium im-plants.

    R. Schade, M. Dutour Sikiric, K. Liefeith, H. Füredi-Milhofer
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  • 2009

    A new vagal anchor electrode for real-time monitoring of the recurrent laryngeal nerve.

    R. Schneider, J. Przybyl, U. Pliquett, M. Hermann, M. Wehner, <br>U. Pietsch, F. König, J. Hauss, S. Jonas, S. Leinung
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  • 2009

    Polymer surfaces as optical devices for photolabile linker compounds.

    K. Schmitt, T. Trutschel, C. Hoffmann
    In: Procedia Chemistry, 1, 824-826, 2009.
  • 2008

    Evanescent field sensors based on tantalum pentoxide waveguides – a review.

    K. Schmitt; K. Oehse; G. Sulz; C. Hoffmann
    In: Sensors 8 (2008) pp. 711-738.
  • 2008

    System development for generating homogeneous cell suspensions and processing towards microfluidic components.

    J.T. Schumacher, A. Grodrian, K. Lemke, R. Römer, J. Metze
    In: Engineering in Life Sciences Vol. 8 (2008) 1, pp. 49-55.
  • 2008

    Protein-Processing-Platform (3P) - a new concept for cultivation and characterization of cell cultures in the ml-scale.

    G. Gastrock, K. Lemke, R. Römer, S. Howitz, M. Hottenrott, J. Bertram, J. Metze
    In: Engineering in Life Sciences Vol. 8 (2008) 1, pp. 73-80.
  • 2008

    Hydrophobic coating of microfluidic chips structured by SU-8 polymer for segmented flow operation.

    J.T. Schumacher; A. Grodrian; C. Kremin; M. Hoffmann; J. Metze
    In: Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 18 (2008) <br>No. 5, 055019.
  • 2008

    Atomic force microscopy to characterize the molecular size of prion protein.

    S. Kunze, K. Lemke, J. Metze, G. Bloukas, K. Kotta, C.H. Panagiotidis, T. Sklaviadis, W. Bodemer
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