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Application Laboratory Facilities:

Bioreactor Technology
Laboratory scale culturing of microorganisms and cells, including process development and setup of multiparameter analytical systems

  • Stirred tank bioreactor/membrane bioreactors (500 ml to 8 L)
  • Bioreactors for suspension cultures and attached growing cells (500 ml to 5 L)
  • Solid substrate bioreactors
  • Nano/micro scale cell separation
  • Model biogas facility (7 to 30 L)
  • Fermenting experiments, biogas activity monitoring

Impedance Analyzers / Potentiostats / Galvanostats
Determination of the biophysical and electrochemical properties of various media (frequency range: DC to 6 GHz)

  • Analyses of metallic materials under simulated biological conditions
  • Determination of the biomass and live cell count for suspended or attached cultures
  • Determination of the water content in biological and inorganic media

Contact Angle Measurement Technique

  • Analysis of the wetting behavior of solid matter, particles, fibers and powders upon contact with liquids
  • Quantitative analysis of the surface tension as well as the dispersive and polar components of the surface tension

Electrokinetic Analyzer

  • Analysis of the surface charge distribution of solid matter, particles, fibers and powders
  • Quantitative analysis of the specific ion adsorption

Analytical and preparative separation of substances from a mixtures and substance identification

  • Gas chromatographs with FI electrochemical and mass-sensitive detectors
  • HPLC with diode array, UV, refractive index and fluorescence detectors
  • Liquid chromatograph
  • Rotary countercurrent chromatograph

Spectroscopic and Imaging Ellipsometry

  • Measurement of the layer thickness with nano-resolution
  • Refractive index measurements of thin films between 360 and 1,000 nm (dispersion)
  • Microscopic 2-D imaging of the layer dimensions and the optical parameters in micrometer lateral resolution
  • Fluidic cell for surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectroscopy


  • Spectrophotometry in the UV, visible and near infrared ranges (180 - 2,500 nm)
  • stopped flow spectroscopy
  • fluorescence measurements (fluoroscopy)

Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

  • Analysis of the interactions between optically active substances and circularly polarized light

Combination Raster Electron Microscope and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer (REM-EDX)

  • Analysis of the surface morphology of solid matter and attached biological organisms (cells bacteria)
  • Quantitative analysis of the chemical composition of solid matter (metals, ceramic, polymers, composites)

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Analysis of the metal concentrations in various types of matrices down to the microgram range

  • Ionization techniques (flame, graphite tube furnace, hydride technology
  • Direct detection of solid matter

Atomic Force Microscope
Surface relief analysis and analysis of solid matter surface interactions down to the nanometer range

  • Analysis of adhesive and electrostatic forces
  • Experiments with air and in liquid media

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (CLSM)
Topographical and morphological studies on solid matter surfaces and biosystems

  • Experiments with air and in liquid media
  • 3-D imaging of the biological system morphology (cells bacteria) on solid matter surfaces
  • Using fluorescence markers to trace biological functions

Multi-Photon Microscopy
Morphological and fluorescence measurements in the sub-cellular, cellular and supra-cellular range

  • Experiments with air and in liquid media
  • 3-D imaging of the biological system morphology (cells bacteria) on solid matter surfaces
  • Using fluorescence markers to trace biological functions

Electronics Laboratory

  • Frequency and time domain analyses ranging from DC to 6 GHz
  • Network/spectrum analyzer (DC to 1.8 GHz)
  • 8 GHz Oscilloscope, DC-isolated, broadband sensor heads

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