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History of the iba Institute

The iba domicile is Rosenhof with its long tradition and excellent reputation for engineering and producing scientific devices.

Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Mueller

The graduate engineer Gerhard Mueller, PhD and former owner of the company Physikalische Werkstätten mytron achieved this Rosenhof fame as early as a few years after WWII.

Curts Mill.

Initially, Gerhard Müller continued the operations of a company, which was then known as Curts Mill. It took but a few years and he also started to develop analytical devices to determine the moisture content of bulk goods and grains in particular. These devices allowed him to assess the shrinkage of grains during processing and storage with the objective of minimizing economic loss. Among further innovations were climate controlled cabinets for the simulation of the ambient environment. These climate control units were used to analyze environmental parameters in the broadest sense.

VEB mytron in the Curts Mill.

The technical devices made at the Rosenhof were Internationally traded and earned many national and International awards. Later, after expropriation by the DDR government in 1972, the company kept growing and continued the traditional company mission as the VEB mytron.

ZWG mytron

Based on strategic considerations and the existing company profile, the nationalized mytron company became part of the former DDR Academy of Sciences in 1978. This arrangement also accommodated the emergence of the biotechnology as a scientific specialty in the DDR.

As the myrton division of the Center for Scientific Device Engineering in Berlin-Adlershof the unit was now dedicated to researching technical aspects in the field of biotechnology for the Center for Scientific Device Engineering and to develop and produce devices for universities and academic institutions whenever feasible. Its fame as an important technology center notwithstanding, under the leadership of the DDR Academy of Sciences the Rosenhof scientists networked solely with a few select partners in some of the Eastern Bloc countries. Regionally, the Rosenhof institute upheld its reputation as a technology stronghold and a knowledge and cooperation center for local companies.

With the German reunification, change in the form of 'phase-outs' and 'evaluations' came to what is now the former DDR Academy of Sciences. By extension, change also swept through the scientific engineering unit mytron. One of the results was the conversion of the research and development department into Institute for Bioprocessing and Analytical Measurement Techniques on December 28, 1991. At the same time, the former mytron production unit formed the new mytron Bio- und Solartechnik GmbH.

iba e.V.

On January 01, 1992, the Institut für Bioprozess- und Analysenmesstechnik e.V. (Institute for Bioprocessing and Analytical Measurement Techniques) got a new start as a private research institute in the German Free State of Thuringia. As outlined in the unification treaty, the iba Institute continued its R&D traditions as new accomplishments built the new institute profile.

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