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Tissue Culture

We build our specific tissue culture procedures on the existing knowledge base and steadily add new specific methods to it (cf. the example below). The integration of microsystems components in particular gives us the tools for new applications as well as opportunities to use specific methods like the dielectrophoresis.

Current Work:

  • We develop systems to culture eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells under segmented flow conditions and then adjust these systems for suitable applications. This includes the integration of analytical methods.
  • Our scientists also study the influence of segmented flow conditions on the cell metabolism.
  • Our work includes the development and testing of modules for miniaturized bioreactor systems.
  • We further develop and optimize procedures to culture attached cells and cells in suspension.
  • Investigations are underway to test the possibility of preparing select monoclonal antibodies for use in diagnostic and therapeutic innovations.
Trends in the bioreactor technology: conventional bioreactors versus bioreactors for cultures in the nano liter range.
Trends in the bioreactor technology
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