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Bioprocess Characterization

The miniaturization and the use of parallel cell culture systems for new applications have many advantages. However, these benefits come at the price of steadily rising demands on the analyses of these tissue culture systems and the supported processes. We have therefore added the adaptation of highly complex analytical systems (such as the atomic force microscopy [see also the images below]) as a central research project to the adaptation of routine analyses, such as the light microscopy and sensor technologies for process-relevant analytical data (e.g. glucose or lactate).

Current Work:

  • Characterization of parallel cultures in micro plates
  • Development of miniaturized systems for the analyses of biological media
  • Research into the effect of protein adhesion in the channels of microfluidic systems on the function of microsystems
  • Development of methods utilizing fluorescent materials and fluorescence microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Measurement of intermolecular forces between proteins and their ligands using raster microscopy
The above example shows the power of the raster microscopy: DNA strand
DNA strand
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