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The Biomaterials Department

Our work in the biomaterials department revolves around the properties of biomaterials in their respective environments. We analyze these properties and modify them in a targeted way. The main thrusts of our work are the discovery of biomaterials with useful functions for planned applications and the determination of their biocompatibility. 

Mastery and control of the structure and surface based interactions at boundary layers (interfaces) are prerequisite for our innovations and solutions in the fields of biotechnology and medicine. 

The properties of the biomaterial as well as the planned biological system determine the design and functions of the surface. Therefore, the biomaterials department has command of all necessary procedural and infrastructural tools to determine the topographical, chemical and physical surface properties of materials. Our setup also accommodates the analyses of all reactions relating to the molecular biological, microbiological and cell biological aspects of the surface materials. 

Our objective is to provide integrated solutions for practical applications, which range from the characterization and functionalization of biomaterials all the way to standardized medical device tests according to DIN EN ISO 10993. Our achievements in these areas are based on our expertise as well as many years of experience in the development of in vitro tests, the use of numerical simulations and biological design optimization.

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